Hinatylo - 8.8% Tylosin Phosphate Premix



8.8% Tylosin Phosphate Premix



1.It is effective on Gram-positive bacterium, Gram-negative bacterium, mycoplasma

   and helicoids.

2.It is still sensitive to the bacterium which are resistant to the macrolides antibiotics

   such as erythrocin.



1.It is mainly used in preventing and treating infection of bacterium, mycoplasma and


2.It can prevent the Livestock enzootic pneumonia, Infectious peripneumonia,

    Eperythrozoon suis, Haemophilusparasuis, Toxoplasm, Coccidiosis, Streptococcicosis,

    Livestock lung plague, Atrophic rhinitis, Choamydiae infection, Livestock dysentery,

    Colonitis, Ileitis, and the diseases caused by Colibacillus, Salmonella, Pseudomonas

    aeruginosa, Bacillus proteus, Staphylococci.

3.It has a good adjunctive therapeutic efficacy on viral respiratory infection such as

    Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome, Livestock influenza, Porcine

    Circovirus Disease, Porcine Respiratory Corona Virus and so on.


Usage and dosage:

Mix with the feed directly. Based on effective ingredient Tylosin,

 per 1000kg Feed contains:

Livestock: 35.2 - 70.4g (equal to 400-800g of this product),

Chicken: 26.4 - 52.8g (equal to 300-600g of this product).



1. It can not be used in laying period.

2. It is avoided to compatibility with acidoid.

3. It can be destroyed by gastric acid easily for oral use. So it may be prepared to the enteric coated tablets.

4. It may inhibit vivo-metabolism of some drugs.

Withdrawal periods: 5 days before the slaughter (livestock and chicken).

Packing: 25kg/bag.

Storage: Preserved in well-closed, light-resistant and dry place.

Validity: 24 months.

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